Yesterday night, after a long walk to find a restaurant open on a Sunday, and two of the nice places found on the internet turning out to be closed (as in "the restaurant doesn't even exist anymore"), we eventually found the Culuca.

On the eleven people of our group, seems everyone was satisfied with the food quality. We had been looking for a while to a place where we could eat some polpo, and had mostly given up when we found this restaurant/bar. Luckily, they also serve some great polpo a la plancha (12,90€), other meals being really good too, and less expensive. With the wine (15€ for a bottle of galician red wine), and dessert (cheese cake around 3.50€, petit gâteau at 4.50€), the bill you should expect is around 19€ per person.

Here's the Culuca on Google Maps, and here's our former polpo friend :-)