This is my final rank (among 7897 contestants) on the last Artificial Intelligence challenge on That is not the best result ever, and I'm a bit disapointed as I was aiming for the top 500 but I'm fairly new to the AI world...

I definitely had difficulties in chosing between developping my own algorithms or seeing what was seen as interesting directions to explore, like the anti-objects approach. Being a noob in the AI field, the Wikipedia articles on pathfinding algorithms were extremely useful, as well as some Linux Magazine articles on the same field.

Unfortunaltely, I became less active a few weeks before the end, as a work colleague had a much better program on his first attempt, while I still had worked a great amount of time on that... Good lesson for next time: the only competitor I'm trying to surpass is myself. The end of the contest being at Christmas, I couldn't try to catch up, as I was late in buying the Christmas presents too :-).

The version that was used for the final tournament was version 12, even if I had since then done some small improvements and bug fixing. The whole code is available on github, under the WTFPL 2.0 license.

My overal stats:

  • 1342 amont 7897 (top 17% of contestants - with an undefined amount of really active contestants)
  • 77th French contestant among 295 (top 27%).
  • 35th C user among 248 (top 15%)

I learned a lot of things and had lots of fun, so expect me to come back on the next contest, with better basics ;-)