The evening started normally. I just wanted to play a bit on the computer, which I rarely do nowadays. And Battle for Wesnoth is the game I choose in these moments. I then fired up the multiplayer game, which I had never tried before, and was greeted with a message telling me that my 1.6 version of wesnoth was outdated, and that 1.8 was the recommended version. « Ok », I thought, « so where can I find this version to try it ? ». I looked in the Mandriva Cooker repositories, but no, the only version there was the 1.6... Until I found out that Wesnoth 1.8 was only 2 days old. This new version was released on April, 1st.

The rest of the evening is a bit silly : struggling to package wesnoth 1.8 for my Mandriva 2010.0. Which worked after a few hours (yep, compiling it on my AMD 3000+ takes a lot of time). I'm really not an expert packager, I only learned the minimum required to package my own apps in my previous job, but it was enough to make this actually work.

So here is the result : my Battle for Wesnoth 1.8 specfile and the associate Wesnoth 1.8 binary for Mandriva 2010.0-i586 (257 MB). If you want to keep your old games around, just cp -a ~/.wesnoth1.6 ~/.wesnoth1.8

What is funny is that doing the packaging seemed like part of the game, and the free time I had has been completely consumed by this task, but it was funny anyway :-).


I heard Wesnoth 1.8 replaced the python dependency by a lua dependency. Be aware that I added the lua dependency in the .spec, but didn't remove the python one.