Mandriva 2009 Spring has been out for a few days now. Congratulations to everyone involved ! I did my upgrade this week end, all in graphical mode with mdkapplet. I had some bad luck, which was fortunately quickly repaired. What you need to know is that using a 23MB /boot partition is a bad idea, it's way too small if you keep a few kernels around. Once things were sorted out, I could enjoy the gorgeous design (Yay for that tribal-penguin wallpaper !), and everything went fine.

The new GNOME mixer replaced the old one automagically, and It works great. The only problem I have with it is that it's a notification icon and not an applet anymore. I hope this will change : notification area is not made for permanent things. And I now am unable to have the mixer react to a scroll button action if I put it in the corner of the screen and move my mouse at it. Fitt's law failure. Being able to change the volume without the need to power on my screen was a feature I liked.

Another sad news for GNOME is the choice of Mandriva to stick to navigational nautilus by default instead of GNOME default's spatial nautilus. I like spatial nautilus. Yep. But what sucks is that it was made the defaut, but a major defect was never corrected : left an middle click comportment in opening a new folder should have been inverted. This would have helped remove this bad reputation of "Windows 95"-like mode which does nothing except open a lot of windows. Having to double-middle click to avoid cluttering my screen with windows is also what led me to switch to single click policy. GNOME is supposed to be easy to use even for the beginners. But real beginners have already a hard time to double click without moving the mouse, so asking them to double-middle click is way too difficult. Really. I find it difficult for me and I don't exactly define me as a beginner. Oh, and try that on a laptop or a netbook, you'll love it, especially on those netbooks like the first Acer Aspire One with one button on each side of the touchpad...

One good thing however is the new description for the session manager: I totally agreed with vuntz when he told me that normal people don't know what a session is. I still remember the first time, being a bit lost and unable to guess what that stuff was supposed to do from its name in the menus.

Also, speedboot seems to work nicely : I've bootcharted my system before and after migration, and gdmgreeter now appears in 20s instead of 26s.

All in all, I'm quite happy with what I see. This time the rough edges are not that rough. This Mandriva release really makes me feel at home. I'll be happy to install it at the next install parties in Paris ;-).