A few weeks ago, some new GNOME Goals were open. I've worked on the guidelines of some of them. Some of these goals are paving the road towards GNOME 3.0. My first task has been to detect the deprecated GLib symbols used within the GNOME stack, to let other people submit simple patches. This is a nice way to have newcommers get into the GNOME stuff. This work included basic grep searching in C/C++ source files of each GNOME module, in order to find these symbols.

Tonight, I've been working on using jhbuild and compiling the whole stuff disabling deprecated Glib symbols, and forbiding gtk/gdk/gdk-pixbuf sub-headers direct inclusion. This is easy, but lenghty work. Especialy compiling the whole GNOME stack. gnome-vfs in particular was a pain in the ass to migrate, because it heavily relied on sub-headers inclusion.

Expect a few bug reports and patches until the end of the week. Now if only I could have commit rights... Does anyone know who I'm supposed to contact for this ?

If you want to give it a try too, or just want to check progress, just add this to your ~/.jhbuildrc file


The next step towards world domination will be the removal of deprecated GTK+ symbols, wich is longer and more complicated, as it required more testing.