Yup, Mandriva Linux 2008.1 Spring has been released today. What is amazing is that it's been released on time, which hasn't been the case for years !

I've started testing it quite late in this development cycle (RC2), but I still was able to find a few annoying bugs, which were corrected on time, thanks to Mandriva's hard working team. While I was a bit disapointed with 2008.0 (and 2007.0), what I saw pleased me, ans I really think this release is Mandriva Linux at its best (200X.1 releases seem to be better at Mandriva).

Everything you should know about it is here:

And the most important : the link to download Mandriva Linux with your prefered bittorrent client (Transmission in my case).
Many thanks to everyone who worked on this release. Now Enjoy !