Each time I hear about the OLPC project (just an example, I personnaly have nothing against it) and other widespread electronics, I wonder if the invasion of electronics in our everyday life is a blessing or a curse, especially for developping countries...

There are plenty of examples of these poisonous devices. For example, the iPhone contains hazardous chemicals, according to greenpeace. They also give an ecologic ranking of world electronics leaders, based on their lack of hazardous substances and takeback and recycle of their products.

Guess what ? Nintendo, Philips and Microsoft are the worse on this aspect.

  • Nintendo: 0/10
  • Philips: 2/10
  • Microsoft: 2.7/10

So why is Sony is on the best pupils, while their PS3 is a power hungry beast ? And why the Nintendo with its power friendly Wii is so far (see this Wii / PS3 / XBox power consumption benchmark) ? This should be part of the study, shouldn't it ?

Yes, of course, ti makes sense. Especially here in France, where the biggest part of our electricity is nuclear. Thousands of PS3 vs thousands of Wii are far better on this aspect. But getting rid of hazardous chemicals is the very first step... This post is not about PS3 against Wii. It's all about choice. And the choices we have to make each day are pretty hard. So each time you see that new electronic gadget, just think and ask yourself: Do I really need this ? Is it really worthwhile ?

Plenty of these children will thank you.

Arstechnica has doubts on this study.