A few years back, I was looking for a free (as in free beer) mail/web redirection service. Ulimit.com was a good choice back then. But they have been annoying me a lot for the last year. They became more and more intrusive with their ads. Thay started showing xxx-related ads for your web visitors (I  didn't see it, but saw someone complain about that on a website).

Because of that, I stopped using the old web redirections I had from them. But now it's the e-mail forwarding quality of service that troubles me. Sometimes, emails just don't reach me at all. Not always, but it seems that I couldn' t receive a mail on my main adress for the last 2-3 days. So dear Lazyweb, I'm now looking for a new, as free (as in freedom and beer) as possible, web and mail forwarding service. Do you know any (possibly France hosted, or with access in french as ulimit)?

I've looked to the providers of that kind of service I know:
Dyndns.com: MailHop Forward Lite for $29.95 / year (5 accounts)
no-ip.com: Mail Forwarding, $34.95 / year (5 accounts)
uucpssh.org: Free service closed, or 30€ / 6 months