Here I am... I wanted a blog to have some visibility in the GNOME world, and communicate in an easier way than in mailing lists. You surely don't know me, so here is some background info:

  • I'm a 27 years old french guy
  • I'm a software developer, currently struggling at work with glib, autotools, C, python, subversion
  • I'm a former Windows GUI developer (using MFC)... Yes, I'm ashamed :-)
  • I leaned everything I know about free software on my working and free time, not at school (they sucked for that)
  • I use Linux since Mandrake 9.1, and have used each version since then (excepted Mandrake 9.2)
My involvement in GNOME is irregular. Small patches to Gedit, Ekiga, some GnomeGoals stuff, and mostly some wiki work, as JoinGnome or  JhbuildIssues. I also maintain the JhbuildDependencies/MandrivaLinux page, and give a shot on Jhbuild on Mandriva Linux. It seems I'm the only guy to use MandrivaLinux on jhautobuild. I'm also a moderator on the GNOME french forums., thanks to Damien Durand (splinux).

What I like in GNOME? Simplicity. What I dislike in GNOME ? Well, I think i'll post some rants to let you know :-)