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mardi 26 décembre 2006

Call me back, Mr Society...

I like computers. Diversity of them. But I just plainly hate cell phones. No matter how many features they have, I just hate them, because most of the phones, with that many features don't even achieve to perform well in their main task: just being a phone. I mean: calling and receiving calls. Being able to quickly access to your contacts list and call someone in a few seconds after you turn it on.

Other features are also great, and would encourage me to buy that phone:

  • low radiance (burning my brain the less it can)
  • low pollution (being the less polluant it can)
  • high speed (responsive user interface)
  • easy to use (doesn't use this kind of user interface)
  • low cost
But no. People like GPRS, and surfing the web with a 2 inches screen (really, my cousin wants it). People want to watch TV on this lousy screen. And games. And remote command. And what-the-hell you could ever imagine. And then, they complain they have low battery.

According to my cousin, i'm left at "Stone Age". Well I'm proud of it! I personnaly think that cell phones can be very useful, but it has also terrible drawbacks, especially (but not only) on teenagers. Addictance is one of them (as in every communicating tool nowadays).

What does TV on your mobile can give you, except the same old crap you have in your home TV? Why don't you read a book instead? Teenagers here were already bad at orthograph because of the "global method". Now, they're even worse: SMS language just kicked them even lower. Embedded cameras have filmed "happy slappings", rapes, and other violent acts. People now film someone in trouble instead of helping him. C'mon. Is that this world you want for you children ?

Don't misunderstand me, these are bad aspects of technology, so this isn't just a cell phone rant. But in the last 5 years, I've seen much more bad influences and uses with cell phone than with any other communication tool. And I just don't like the shape things are taking.

mardi 12 décembre 2006

Yahoo answers and the infinite dumbness....

The more I go on the french Yahoo Questions/Answers, the more I' m amazed about human stupidity. People that want us to do their homework. Others that don't even try to understand what the source of the problems can be (your computer crashes ? (Buy more RAM|Reinstall Windows|Buy another computer)). Lots of "Windows-is-a-piece-of-shit-but-I-still-use-it", and some linux zealots...

Browsing aimlessly on the "Computers & Internet " section if pretty instructive about the average Windows user and it difficulties. Most seen questions are:

  • My computer is slow? Why?
  • How can I get rid of these popups that appear for p0rn sites?
  • My computer gets ages to start up.
  • Emule: (takes ages to download a movie| where can I download it ? | has low Id | is donwloading illegal ?)
  • How can I switch back from IE7 to IE6 (yes, really plenty of this one)
  • I've got a virus. What can I do?
  • I deleted some precious file on my computer. How can I get them back (from a poor girl that just had defragmented her disk after having deleted the files)
It seems computing still has a lot of challenges for the 21st century. Much more challenging than graphical eye candy, burning windows or 3D cubes: just making a computer being usable for the masses.

mercredi 6 décembre 2006

Il y a un début à tout...

Here I am... I wanted a blog to have some visibility in the GNOME world, and communicate in an easier way than in mailing lists. You surely don't know me, so here is some background info:

  • I'm a 27 years old french guy
  • I'm a software developer, currently struggling at work with glib, autotools, C, python, subversion
  • I'm a former Windows GUI developer (using MFC)... Yes, I'm ashamed :-)
  • I leaned everything I know about free software on my working and free time, not at school (they sucked for that)
  • I use Linux since Mandrake 9.1, and have used each version since then (excepted Mandrake 9.2)
My involvement in GNOME is irregular. Small patches to Gedit, Ekiga, some GnomeGoals stuff, and mostly some wiki work, as JoinGnome or  JhbuildIssues. I also maintain the JhbuildDependencies/MandrivaLinux page, and give a shot on Jhbuild on Mandriva Linux. It seems I'm the only guy to use MandrivaLinux on jhautobuild. I'm also a moderator on the GNOME french forums., thanks to Damien Durand (splinux).

What I like in GNOME? Simplicity. What I dislike in GNOME ? Well, I think i'll post some rants to let you know :-)

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